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In Forehill, we believe that every child should be inspired and challenged by the opportunities we offer. We do this, by working in partnership with parents and children, building a learning community in which we:

Provide a broad, balanced curriculum, relevant to our learners, which prepares them to be successful in a changing world.

Promote a culture of high expectations and achievement

Encourage independence, confidence, resilience, curiosity and enthusiasm

Promote a nurturing and inclusive ethos, which recognises and celebrates individual skills and achievements

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  • Responsibility
  • Fairness
  • Honesty
  • Determination
  • Respect



Successful Learners

Confident Individuals


To participate fully in all learning opportunities on offer in and out of school, continuing to improve and develop skills and knowledge in all areas.


To take an interest in what my child is learning, offering support to build on their learning at home.


To provide broad, meaningful learning experiences, which enable all young people to become successful, confident, responsible and effective, equipped with skills for work and lifelong learning.


Work in partnership with pupils and parents to support positive learning opportunities and relationships within a caring and inclusive local community.


To believe that anything is possible through hard work, effort and determination.



To celebrate and nurture success at home, and to provide a solid, secure emotional foundation which promotes self-belief.


To provide active, challenging and stimulating learning opportunities and promote positive relationships within a safe, nurturing environment.



Through the sharing of mutual values, help and support the school community by promoting mutual respect.

Responsible Citizens

Effective Contributors


To take responsibility for their own learning, behaviour and respect shown to everyone in the school community.


To support parents in encouraging them and their children to take responsibility for aspects of learning and achievement in and out of school.


To provide flexible learning experiences which offer personalisation and choice through a progressive and broad curriculum. To support and inspire children through their learning journey, ready to play their role in an ever changing world.


To recognise the positive impact children can make on the community and act as positive role models to them.


To participate fully in the opportunities made available in the school, working alongside all pupils, not just friends – showing respect to everyone in the school community.


To continue to provide opportunities for parents to be involved in the social and educational life of the school.


To recognise and celebrate the achievements of all learners within and beyond school. To support and develop a team approach to improve learning


To enhance our links with the community to extend the learning we undertake in school.