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School Meals

Here at Forehill Primary School we believe in offering our young people a wide range of healthy school lunch meals which are enjoyable and nutritious.  We operate a cashless, pay in advance lunch system for all pupils and staff. Payments are sent to the school in a special envelope by parents each week or fortnight and posted in the lunch postbox in the main corridor.  These amounts are added to the pupil’s account by catering staff. Payment can be for any amount eg weekly, monthly or rounded lump sums for the term. Cash will NOT be accepted for school meals except in a labelled envelope in advance as described above.

A pupil’s account is accessed at the till in the dining hall using name and photograph.  Purchases may not exceed the value held in the pupil’s account. The unspent value is securely carried forward. Pupils entitled and approved to be in receipt of free meals have the appropriate amount allocated to their accounts for use each lunch-time.

This System removes the frequency of need to carry cash and for parents do not need to find change every day. It also removes the stigma sometimes associated with being in receipt of free meals.

There are facilities in the school for pupils who wish to have a packed lunch.

Our catering team are happy to provide pupils with specific dietary requirements.  Parents are encouraged to speak directly with the school cook about this.

You can view our School Lunch menus using the button below.


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