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What's happening in Music in Forehill?

Welcome to Mr McDowall’s Music Section of the website. I hope you find the information on this page enjoyable and ...
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Welcome to Music in Forehill

Welcome to Mr McDowall’s Music Section of the website. I hope you find the information on this page enjoyable and a useful insight into music at Forehill. Each class is involved in a lot of musical activities in the classroom and with Wider Achievement Activities, we are very proud of the pupils in this school and their involvement in the expressive arts.

Learning in Class

Throughout the year, each class at Forehill learn about a wide range of musical topics which explore the experiences and outcomes of expressive arts. Every child is given the opportunity to experience the energy and excitement of performing in front of an audience as well as being part of that audience. Singing and playing instruments in groups or individually is encouraged from nursery all the way through to Primary 7 - not only playing these instruments but learning to show skill and attention to detail when performing and following musical direction or reading notation.

Experimenting and exploring music is vital for self-discovery, through various musical topics children have plenty of opportunity to delve deeper into musical concepts, technology and dynamics to encourage self-expression and nurture their curiosity. Self-expression from children is harnessed and taken forward with various programmes of work where they can create, edit, and improve ideas or songs through musical activities. Demonstrating these ideas, thoughts or feelings in an imaginative manner whilst being able to reflect on their own and others’ performance is a regular occurrence in music.

Where possible, music is linked in with work carried out by the class teacher on topic work, creating cross-curricular learning and building solid understanding of expressive arts as a whole.

Instrumental Tuition

Guitar / Recorder
As part of our curriculum, each child receives instrumental tuition throughout their time in Primary 5. They choose to learn guitar or recorder, and instruments are provided in class for tuition time. Opportunities are also provided during the week for children to practice. Selected pupils have the option to continue with guitar tuition in Primary 6.

Strings, Woodwind & Brass
We are fortunate enough to have several visiting string teachers who work with pupils on a weekly basis; Miss McKail provides tuition for violin and viola, Mr O'Connell provides tuition for cello and double bass, Mr Gonzales provides tuition for woodwind and Mrs McFarlane provides tuition on brass. These instruments are available to P4 - P7 following an assessment on their suitability to learn the instrument.

Wider Experiences in Music

Junior and Senior Choirs
The Junior Choir is open to all Primary 4 and Primary 5 children, and meets every Monday lunchtime and is run by Mrs Murdoch and Mrs Stone (Parent Helper). The Senior Choir is open to all Primary 6 and Primary 7 children, they meet every Wednesday lunchtime and is run by Mr McDowall
These choirs are a wonderful opportunity for children to experience singing as part of a group and appreciate the thrill of singing and performing whilst improving as a musician. There are no auditions or entry requirements, all we ask is you come along with a positive attitude and a smile on your face.
Both choirs have plenty of events and occasions where they perform throughout the year, this includes school events, church services, carol singing and various other outings.

Currently our orchestra consists of violins, viola, cellos and double basses. Children from Primary 5, 6, & 7 meet every week to rehearse playing as a group. Our orchestra spend a lot of time rehearsing pieces of music together and regularly perform at school events and church services. Miss McKail very kindly passes on her expertise of playing in orchestras.

School Show
These last 2 year Forehill have put on dazzling shows at the Gaiety Theatre in Ayr:

2013 – Annie Jnr

2014 – Getting To Know The Sound of Music.

2015 - High School Musical

These hugely successful shows were achieved by a lot of hard work from teachers and school staff, great support from parents and carers, but most importantly from the committed and very talented children here at Forehill Primary School. There was a part to be played for every P5, 6 or 7 child who wanted to be involved; main characters, the chorus line, dancers, singers, stage-crew and set-designers.

Ayrshire Music Festival
Every year the Ayrshire Music Festival takes place at Ayr town hall and Forehill are certainly no strangers to this festival. All participants enjoy performing in front of an audience of mixed ages as well as appreciating performances from other participants. We are grateful for any support we receive, this year we had a lot of entries and the children performed incredibly well.

Results from our 2015 entries:

Girls Solo Singing

  • Kirsty Dryburgh – ‘Distinction’. 1st Place
  • Erin Peacock – ‘Distinction’. 2nd Place
  • Natasha Gill – ‘Distinction’
  • Kiera Capstick – ‘Merit’

Double Bass Solos (Division C)

  • Cameron Lang – ‘Commended’. 3rd Place.
  • Cara Ritchie – ‘Merit’.
  • Grace Payling – ‘Merit’

Cello Solos (Division E)

  • Olivia Martin – ‘Distinction’. 3rd Place

Group Music Making

  • Forehill Choir & Orchestra – ‘Outstanding’. 1st Place. Margaret Templeton Shield

Primary Choirs (Primary 4-5)

  • Forehill Junior Choir – ‘Distinction’

Primary Choirs (Primary 6-7)

  • Forehill Senior Choir – ‘Distinction’. 1st Place. The Cloncaird Challenge Shield.

Scots Poems

  • Indie Valdrighi – ‘Merit’ 3rd Place.
  • Cashel A’Hern – ‘Merit’ 2nd Place.
  • Ellena A’Hern – ‘Merit’ 2nd Place.


Forehill Music Group
With Forehill having such a wealth and breadth of talent among our pupils, Mr McDowall likes to bring all the various musicians and music groups together to make one large Music Group. This includes combining:

  • Junior Choir
  • Senior Choir
  • Orchestra
  • Guitarists
  • Drummer
  • Pianist

All pupils who perform are from Primary 4, 5, 6 & 7. Forehill Music Group can often be found performing at school events or end of year services.

Scottish Opera
Every year Primary 6 are lucky enough to be involved with a Scottish Opera production. The children spend several weeks rehearsing songs on put on performances for the other children in the school and parents. There is a different show each year, this year Primary 6 and Primary 5 performed ‘Warriors!’, and it certainly didn’t disappoint


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